The personal relationship throughout all this time makes us a family, in which the focus  is on the commitment to our brand along with the search for excellence in the development of each collection.



Refined designs with subtle details that transfer the classic shoe to contemporary trends.



The most important value of Pigato is the human team, the same group of people who share their experience and knowledge in the manufacture of shoes since 1969. These artisans know the benefits of our raw materials, the techniques of the elaboration system and are able to transfer our essence to the product.



We are in front of an eminently manufacturing industry that despite the high technical level achieved, has not been able to replace the work of man on the product.


The performance of the artisan on the shoe is what provides it with certain inimitable characteristics, which makes the products unique items.



The development of manual finishing processes on the products, enhances virtues of noble materials such as leather. The manual coloring of shoes is an example of artistic practice involving artisans with unrreplicable skills.


The finishing phase in the production of luxury manufactures has acquired a considerable importance in recent times because it is a very powerful value in the search for uniqueness.